Golf Practice Exercises for Better Posture: The Chair Drill

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Duration: 2:27

Ben Hogan, one of the greatest professionals the game has ever known, said that good golf posture at address should feel like leaning into a bar stool. It’s not an upright rigid stance, but neither is it a full squat. To create your most consistent swing, with solid contact and fluid technique, you have to first establish proper posture. In this lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you a golf practice drill that helps you harness that concept that Hogan considered the most important aspect of the game.

Take a Seat

According to Joseph, solid ball contact depends upon consistent posture from start to finish. And dedicated golf practice is the only way to gain greater consistency. With that in mind, he introduces you to the Chair Drill, which can be conducted with one plastic chair (or two stacked) or whatever other structure you can lean into that rises to about your beltline.

The idea is simple: address the golf ball, settle into your stance with your backside barely touching the chair, and leave it there for the entirety of your stroke. Start swinging without a ball to feel more comfortable, if you must. But the key is constant contact. If you stop feeling the chair at any point during your swing, you are out of position. This means that you’re pulling up from proper posture, and something will go wrong with your stroke.

This golf practice exercise is crucial for every club in your bag, putter included. With the chair drill, you can learn how to hit a driver with greater accuracy and increased distance, and the same goes for your irons. Give this drill a go next time you’re at the range, and take advantage of our other expert golf swing tips, and we guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your game!