PGA’s Favorite Golf Pitching Drills: The Held Release Drill

Duration: 1:35

Pitching is one of the most important components of scoring as well as success on the golf course, in general. You can easily make up and drop crucial strokes by honing in with the wedge and putting your 20-25 yard approach shots close. The standard pitch is a relatively simple shot to hit, if you pick your target and utilize the proper technique. In this lesson, we teach you quick short game tips and one of our favorite golf pitching drills you can use to improve your pitching and maximize those short distance opportunities.

To demonstrate what happens when you shore up your pitching wedge mechanics, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett walks you through what we like to call the Held Release Drill. The focus of this easy drill is to develop synchronized movement between hands, body and club. Joseph shows how to do so, and explains why the key to solid pitches is to limit the release of the golf club upon follow through. If you practice this and other pitching tips and drills from PGA, you’ll sharpen your short game and shed valuable strokes from your scorecard!

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