Improve Your Golf Game with These Exercises for Golfers

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Extension and deceleration are critical components of a good golf game. These two aspects encourage a strong core and power through the legs for greater acceleration, and without them you lose a lot of stored energy during your swing.

To increase acceleration and generate more power in your swing, there are a number of fitness exercises for golfers that you can work into your training regimen. In this lesson, we teach you some of the most important exercises for golfers that focus on creating stability in the legs and extension through the core of your body.

Stability and explosion exercises for golfers

Many golfers believe going to the range a few times between each round is enough to improve as player and lower their score, but there’s much more they can do without a club in their hands to advance their play. One of the most important things you can do to better your game is a series of simple exercises for golfers that strengthen vital muscles and increase your stability.

The basic exercises for golfers demonstrated in this lesson are intended to help your golf fitness and stabilize your body so you can stay sharp with every single swing. You’ll learn to progress from flat-footed movements into more advanced exercises for golfers that train your ability to decelerate after full extension at the top of your backswing. Deceleration is essential for full stability, and you’ll discover how when you work these exercises for golfers into your practice routine.

Once you’re able to nail each step in the program, you can compound the movements you’ve learned by completing these exercises for golfers on one leg and then with added height and weight. Focus on maximizing extension and stability in each movement, and be sure to utilize your arms for optimal balance. Try these exercises for golfers for yourself, and you’ll be amazed what they can do to improve your swing and lower your score!