Vertical Jump Exercises to Improve Golf Fitness

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It should come as no surprise that there’s a positive correlation between how high you can jump and how fast you can swing a golf club. The same muscles that send you skyward are the ones that start your club head careening back toward the ball at the peak of your backswing. So it makes sense that the more power and extension you can generate in your legs, and the higher you can jump, the faster you can swing the club.

Thus, if you’re looking to speed up your swing and, in turn, hit the ball farther, we recommend starting by working on your vertical jumping ability. In this lesson, we teach you some simple golf fitness drills you can work into your training regimen to increase stability and energy in your legs and generate a more powerful swing.

Golf fitness exercises for greater distance

To increase your level of explosiveness, you have to finetune the important stabilizing and firing muscles in your legs, from your calves to your hips. You can do this with a variety of different golf fitness exercises, one of which involves vertical jumping. We’ll show you how to improve your golf fitness through vertical jumping drills that focus on gaining full extension throughout your body and activating essential muscle groups.

You’ll learn the proper way to progress through this golf fitness routine by working your way from two-footed forward jumps with and without hurdles to single-leg lateral jumps. With these golf fitness exercises, the goal is to master each movement before progressing to the next, harder movement. And remembered to incorporate rapid response steps to ramp up the difficulty and maximize explosiveness. Discover why adding these golf fitness exercises to your practice sessions will help tack on the those extra yards to your golf shots!

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