Golf Driving Tips: How to Hit Your Tee Shots Farther

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Duration: 5:15

Every golfer knows that the key to a good golf swing is technique. If you nail the essentials, you stand to put a solid stroke on the ball and hit your target. But what if you want your target to be a bit further away? What if you’re tired of leaving yourself long second shots because you just can’t make your drives go any farther? Do you have to settle for short drives? No! In this lesson, we teach you the golf driving tips you need to put more distance on your tee shots so you can set yourself up for more manageable second and third strokes.

Simple golf driving tips and the secret to longer drives

We can’t all be heavy-hitters with the driver, but we can all make minor improvements to our swing to get a little extra off the tee. According to PGA Professional and multi-title winning long-driver Dr. Gary Wiren, anybody can develop bigger tee shots by improving their endurance, strength and flexibility. To demonstrate this, Dr. Wiren introduces a handful of basic golf driving tips you can use to become stronger and more flexible with a driver in your hands.

Dr. Wiren begins by discussing why it’s so important to keep your muscles loose if you want to get more out of each drive. He describes his morning routine, and explains how simple stretching every day can have a big impact on your golf swing. He then gives you a couple more golf driving tips that he’s utilized over the years to maintain a big drive. Dr. Wiren also brings out two of his favorite swing tools that are perfect for learning how to hit a driver farther.

If you implement these tools and Dr. Wiren’s expert golf driving tips and incorporate easy practice drills into your training routine, you can begin to add valuable yards to your tee shots and lower your scores!