Simple Golf Drills: The Three Step Drill

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Duration: 2:17

In this quick lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the easiest golf drills for a more consistent swing: the Three Step Drill. Proper alignment is essential for a golf swing that’s consistent and accurate, so Joseph shows you how to develop a better aligned swing in just three simple steps.

Many golfers break their swing down into too many intricate movements and confuse themselves about what a swing is at its most basic. It’s fluid motion, essentially. With that in mind, Joseph walks you through the Three Step Drill, explaining why it’s so important to keep everything on a straight line at each step, from the initial takeaway to the trunk rotation to the wrist hinge. Don’t rush, you’ll get to the top eventually, so just make sure to get it right. Once you complete the hinge, all components still straight, wind up and swing. It’s that easy!

By practicing golf drills that break the swing down to its bare bones, you’ll unleash a more natural and free-flowing stroke. For more expert tips from our pros, you can also learn how to hit a driver with more confidence and discover the basics of the golf swing plane.