Golf Drills for Better Impact Position

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Duration: 5:03

Regardless of what you do with the rest of your swing, the only part that really matters is the impact. The world’s best golf coaches will agree, you can move your arms, legs, torso and head however you like in the backswing, as long as you get the clubface square to the ball upon impact. With that in mind, in this lesson PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren is going to show you a few basic golf drills you can practice to make sure you’re consistently getting your clubface square with the ball at impact.

He demonstrates the proper technique you should utilize in these golf practice drills to hone your swing, and highlights a handful of expert golf swing tips you can add to your arsenal. If you work Dr. Wiren’s simple golf drills into your training routine, we guarantee you’ll start hitting the ball straighter and lowering your score in no time!