How Golf Club Length Affects Your Driving Ability

Duration: 2:01

Do you have trouble keeping your tee shot in the fairway, even though your swing feels like it should be accurate? If so, you’re not as crazy as you might think. According to PGA Professional Mark Drenga, most golfers use drivers that are too long. For whatever reason, manufacturers have been increasing golf club length in the past few decades, but those extra inches can be destructive rather than beneficial as expected.

Longer drivers tend to shift the impact zone on the clubface, which leads to errant shots and decreased yardage. Thus, Mark shows you a quick exercise you can utilize on the range to negate the excessive golf club length. With Mark’s help, you’ll learn how to hit a driver with greater accuracy and add those extra yards you’ve been looking for. And while you’re at it, take advantage of some of our other simple golf practice drills!

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