Golf Chipping Drills for Shorter Putts: The Target Ring Game

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Golf practice, like practice in any other sport, can become monotonous if you go about it the same way session after session. Sure, you improve each time you take a stroke at the range, but if you’re just aiming for a target and swinging away, eventually you’ll lose interest in training and your competitive spirit may dwindle. That’s why we recommend mixing up your training routine with creative drills that challenge your skills and keep you on your toes. In this lesson, we teach you one of our favorite golf chipping drills that you can utilize to improve your short game and spice up your practice sessions.

Challenging golf chipping drills: The Target Ring Game

Here’s all you need to complete this simplest of golf chipping drills: two rings, one 3 feet in diameter, the other 4.5. Spread them around a pin of your choosing, and voila, you’ve got yourself a quick and exciting game!

To show you how to get the most out of the target ring game and see how it translates to the real thing, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani demonstrates a quick round of this golf chipping drill. See how close you can come to the hole and leave yourself the shortest putt possible for an easy up-and-down. The goal of these basic chipping tips and drills is to solidify muscle memory and acclimate yourself to completing similar strokes during your rounds.

Of course, the best golf chipping drills feature a touch of competition to encourage your best play, which is why Rafael likes to use a basic scoring system to challenge yourself. You can assign points to each outcome: three points for landing a chip inside the smallest ring, one point for landing in the largest, and zero for landing anywhere else. Take advantage of Rafael’s short game tips for improved chipping and incorporate this and other golf chipping drills into your training regimen, and we guarantee you’ll not only have more fun with practice, but you’ll notice big changes on the course!

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  1. Bob

    Why do these PGA teachers never mention what loft they are using in the chipping videos? I would think that would be fundamental to helping people who struggle with chipping.

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