Golf Ball Trajectory and Swing Drills

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Better ball control in golf is simply a matter of practice–hitting shot after shot with every club in a variety of situations to improve your swing and become a more versatile player. The golfers who have the best control over their golf ball are the ones who are relaxed and focused only on their swing and their posture. After they’ve made the right decision for their club and the type of swing they’ll need to use, execution is the only thing left.

Being able to execute your ideal swing in every situation comes with a lot of practice. You hone your swing and make it repeatable by paying attention to your mechanics and developing control over golf ball trajectory, speed and distance. In this video, we teach you a number of simple methods you can use to add more skills to your bag and improve your control.

Don’t think about the ball

According to PGA Professional Kip Puterbaugh, one of the worst lessons a golf instructor can teach an amateur is to keep their eye on the ball. What this does is train the golfer to focus on the ball more than the natural movements of their best swing. They take a nice smooth practice swing without any hitches, then they step up and zone in on the back of the ball and, as Kip puts it, release their “inner creature” and make a tense, hurried swing.

So much happens in the split seconds your club and body are in motion together for your golf swing; you only have time to pay attention to the movements you make. So Kip has a better idea than keeping your eye on the ball. Keep your mind on the swing!

Adjusting golf ball trajectory for greater touch

Once you’ve figured out how to put your smoothest, most complete swing on the ball time after time, you can start to tinker with golf ball trajectory. Adjusting golf ball trajectory out on the course can help you better reach the spots on each hole where you have the best shot for a good score.

Kip and PGA Professional Eric Johnson teach you how to adjust your wrist angle and weight distribution in order to get either more golf ball trajectory or less golf ball trajectory, depending on your lie and your target. Master these and other expert techniques to improve your control and put the ball where you want it.

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