Getting More Distance off the Tee

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Duration: 8:33

Ever watch the pros tee off and wonder how they generate so much distance without seeming to overswing? That’s because you don’t need a more aggressive swing to hit the ball farther off the tee, you just need proper angles. After all, generating optimal clubhead speed and launching the golf ball way out into the fairway takes moving your body in the right way at the right points in your golf swing. Today you’ll learn the keys to developing a powerful drive so you can get more distance off the tee and swing like a professional.

Get your angles right to get more distance off the tee

To help you hone your golf stroke so you can maximize each and every swing off the tee, PGA Professional Mike Bender demonstrates the four principles of a proper tee shot. He teaches you how to swing easier and get more distance off the tee by using some simple practice techniques and a few tools that train your body through repetition.

One of the most important principles that Mike introduces to get more distance off the tee involves consistent and well timed manipulation of your hips, shoulders and extremities during takeaway. He compares the golf swing to any other sport that requires leaning back and following through to generate and release power. Similar to these other sports, amateur golfers tend to lose a great deal of stored energy by ignoring a certain part of their body during the swing.

Another idea that Mike discusses is the angle of your clubhead at the point of impact. He talks about why it’s so important to maintain a shallow angle in your downswing in order to hit the ball straight and get more distance off the tee, then walks you through a couple drills you can practice over and over to ensure you’re making contact with the golf ball at the proper angle. Focus on Mike’s four principles the next time you hit the range and we think you’ll figure out pretty quickly how to get more distance off the tee.