Four-Ball Stroke Play: Rules and Scoring

Duration: 1:36

Four-ball stroke play is one of the most popular variations of golf, opted for by countless pro-ams and weekend warriors around the world. The structure of four-ball makes for highly competitive play and keeps all participating golfers in the fold. In this lesson, we talk about the basics of four-ball, teaching you all the essential information you need to get out on the course with three of your buddies and get the shots flying.

To help you learn the ins and outs of four-ball stroke play, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee introduces each of the rules of golf you must understand to ensure a clean and mistake-free round — at least in terms of scoring! He walks you through the basics, explaining what you should keep in mind when marking up your scorecard to remain in line with Rule 31, and discusses the proper way to legally get a partner back into play. With Mark’s guidance, you’ll quickly learn why four-ball is the preferred format for so many golfers!

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