Golf Fitness Exercises for Better Strength and Posture

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Duration: 15:35

Proper golf posture is a component of the game that many amateur golfers overlook when working at the range. But the fact is, good posture is essential for a well structured, powerful and accurate swing. If you can maintain a comfortable and balanced stance, you set yourself up for a more consistent golf stroke. And one of the most important aspects of good golf posture is a solid core, which can be strengthened using simple golf fitness exercises. In this lesson, we teach you a range of golf fitness exercises that will help you stretch, strengthen and stabilize important muscles in your upper and lower body to develop better posture and improve your stroke.

Stabilizing posture with golf fitness exercises

When it comes to improving your golf posture, most instructors will tell you it’s about finding the stance that’s most comfortable for your unique dimensions. What works for some players won’t necessarily work for you, so first things first, figure out what feels best. Once you’ve found your most natural and balanced posture, you can use golf fitness exercises to strengthen essential golf muscles and stabilize your swing.

We walk you through a demonstration of some of the most beneficial golf fitness exercises for improving core stability. Each of these golf fitness exercises targets a vital muscle group that helps you stay balanced and increase the amount of power you create during your swing. You’ll learn how to properly work this series of core-strengthening and stabilization golf fitness exercises into your training regimen, including ways to add resistance and correct poor alignment. With planks, leg and arm raises, pillars and more, you can drastically improve your core strength and shore up your posture and stance. Utilize our golf fitness exercises, and we guarantee you’ll notice a difference in the consistency of your golf swing.