Handling Fairway Bunker Shots Near the Lip

Duration: 1:28

There’s nothing as intimidating to most amateur golfers as a bad lie in a fairway sand trap. Close to the lip, a full iron out from the green: how should it be attacked? In this free video, PGA Professional Mark Drenga shows you how to easily navigate fairway bunker shots placed near the lip of the trap. You’ll need a bit of loft, but not too much to overshoot your target!

To help you safely escape that fairway trap with a fighting chance at par or better, Mark demonstrates the proper technique for a high-percentage bunker shot. He starts by telling you to put the 3 wood away; that’s far too low percentage for a consistent golfer like yourself. Ignore your instinct for the breathtaking shot, pull out a more reasonable club with decent loft, and put a solid stroke on it. With Mark’s expert tips on how to hit bunker shots like a pro, you’ll be able to get out of dodge without fail time after time!

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