Playing the Downhill Lie, Shooting Uphill & Escaping Trouble Spots

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Duration: 15:15

We all find ourselves in trouble spots on the golf course. Whether you’re an amateur just starting out or a pro with countless titles under your belt, no matter how well you hit your shot, sometimes the ball just bounces the wrong way and ends up in a terrible lie. However, one of the major differences between average players and the best players is the ability to get out of those tricky situations in as few strokes as possible.

The true champions of the game can step up to a ball obstructed by a tree or a shot with the dreaded downhill lie and confidently make the right changes to their swing to get the ball away from harm and near the hole. In this lesson, we teach you how to keep your cool when your ball ends up in a trouble spot, so you can decide whether to play it safe or go for glory based on what the situation calls for.

Shooting uphill, the downhill lie and other tricky shots

When deciding how to approach a shot with a difficult lie, it’s all about weighing the risks and rewards. Ask yourself whether the payoff is worth the potential damage, then step up and hit the shot you selected. To help you figure out how to select the right shot and make the proper adjustments to your swing, PGA Professionals Brian Manzella, Joe Plecker Jr., Ron Philo Jr. and Blake Cathey walk you step by step through demonstrations on hitting a variety of golf trouble shots.

You’ll learn the correct technique for shooting uphill, navigating the downhill lie, escaping a buried bunker shot, and steering clear of the tree when hitting shots with obstructed swings. The pros show you how to change your stance, grip and swing type in order to get your round back on track and avoid adding costly strokes. With these expert shot adjustments and short game tips to get closer to the pin, you’ll have no trouble shooting uphill, downhill and away from danger next time out on the course!