Expert Golf Short Game Advice for Perfect Pitches and Chips

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Duration: 6:14

A topnotch golf short game is mostly about touch and precise distance control, but it’s also largely based in repetition, decision making and proper technique. The greatest players separate themselves around the green by choosing the right club, finding their mark and executing time after time, whether just off the fringe or twenty feet from the hole with a hazard in the way. In this lesson, we teach you some simple training exercises you can practice at the range and on the course to improve your golf short game and become a master of the wedge.

Golf Short Game Tips and Tricks: How to Perfect the Pitch

To help you take your golf short game up several notches, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren introduces his most reliable short game tips for proper form and execution, and demonstrates some of his favorite pitching and chipping drills. He begins by explaining how you should select the right club for every scenario, from the close-in pitches to the longer lobs that require utmost precision. You’ll learn about the different flight paths each club creates, i.e. the low run of an 8 iron, the medium arc of a pitching wedge, and the high leap of a sand wedge.

Once you know what your situation calls for, Gary shows you how to use a tee to practice proper swing technique. In his words, “the tee is the key to it all.” He walks you step-by-step through good golf short game mechanics, from setup to completion, which he believes should really be taught as to the finish, and not through the ball. When you apply Gary’s advice to his expert chipping tips and drills, you’ll understand why flipping the wrists is a no-no, and what it means to set the distance and swing your forward side.

Gary also explains the difference between hitting the ball and hitting with the clubface, and why you should try to ignore the ball (challenging, we know) after you’ve addressed it. To put it all together: weight forward grip forward swing forward, worry only about the clubface, and keep those wrists straight ahead. Take advantage of Gary’s secrets for golf short game success, and add his pitching tips and drills to your training routine, and we guarantee you’ll shed strokes from your scorecard!