Medicine Ball Exercises for Golfers to Increase Stability

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One of the components of a good golf swing that’s often overlooked is stability. If you want to create a consistent, powerful swing and get the most out of the energy you generate, you have to be able to stabilize the parts of your body that store the greatest amounts of energy. These include the hips, the core and the shoulders. Also, three major components of the golf swing that can be strengthened off the course with a bit of golf fitness and some basic exercises for golfers.

Golf fitness programs come in many different forms, but perhaps our favorite consists of medicine ball exercises for golfers. Using a medicine ball and a wall, you can practice a range of movements and strengthen muscles that are vital to a good golf swing. In this lesson, we teach you several medicine ball exercises for golfers that you can work into your practice regimen to train your body for rapid acceleration and deceleration and better stabilize your swing.

Using a medicine ball for golf fitness

To strengthen your core muscles and stabilize your swing, you have train your body to quickly accelerate and then just as quickly absorb that energy, or decelerate. You can do this with a series of simple medicine ball exercises for golfers. We’ll show you how to complete this golf fitness program with proper technique so you can maximize the amount of energy you generate at the start of your swing and improve your stability at the peak.

With the help of a golf fitness demo, you’ll learn the best way to practice these exercises for golfers, focusing on remaining stable throughout in your hips, core and shoulders. We progress through the exercises for golfers from a natural golf stance to a lunge and finally to a single leg position.

Once you’ve nailed the form on the straightforward medicine ball tosses, you can advance to movements that require a shoulder turn, which helps create separation between the upper and lower body. Practice this golf fitness program full of golf exercises that improve stability and increase power, and we guarantee you’ll develop a more consistent golf swing!

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  1. Daniel Forbes
    Daniel Forbes

    Hi, im just wondering what weight medicine ball is best for these exercises. I thik they will be good for as ky core strength and flexibility is very poor