How to Build an Effortless Golf Swing: Starting at the Top

Duration: 2:02

Fact: power and distance don’t come from driving hard at the ball. You may have seen it once or twice when golfing with your friends: one playing partner is frustrated that he’s not getting the yardage he thinks his swing should generate. So he swings harder, with a bigger backswing and a more violent motion through the ball. But the ball goes no farther. In fact, it ends up shorter and wide to the left. That shouldn’t be the case, right? The truth is, when you employ a more effortless golf swing, the ball goes farther. Go figure…

In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells demonstrates the proper technique required for a long, effortless golf swing. She recommends starting at the top, where all of your body parts are forced to work together back toward the ball. When your mechanics are solid, the club cuts through the air, everything is timed perfectly, and the ball will soar off the tee. Take advantage of Ali’s expert golf swing tips, and work her practice drills into your training routine, and we guarantee you’ll get that extra yardage you’re after!

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