Divot Chipping Around the Green: Playing Golf’s Toughest Trouble Shots

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Duration: 2:53

So your approach shot has ended up short of the green and rolled into someone else’s divot. There are two ways you can react to trouble shots such as this: snap your pitching wedge over your knee and curse the god that made the golfer who left their divot, or view this as a beautiful lie and a golden opportunity to save par. As satisfying as the former may sound, we think you’ll be much happier with the results of the latter! In this lesson, we teach you how an expert technique for chipping around the green when you’re playing out of a divot.

PGA Professional Tom Henderson’s method for mastering this trouble shot save is much easier than you might believe. Rather than reaching instinctively for the pitching wedge and chunking out to scramble for a bogey, Tom opts for the steeper face and higher mass of a hybrid. It’s the more accurate club choice, and it’s a safer bet. Tom demonstrates the proper technique for this trouble shot save, explaining what makes his club selection so successful and introducing important short game tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Utilize Tom’s trick for hitting out of divot, and you’ll be able to navigate one of golf’s toughest trouble shots like a pro!