Improving Distance Control with Expert Golf Putting Tips

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Every golfer does distance control a little differently when they step up to a long putt. Some rely on their body’s internal rhythm to feel out the tempo of their putting swing, while others focus solely on the size of their putting swing. This is one of the facets of the game where personal preference is king; the choice is yours when comes to distance control.

For those who are unsure how they go about judging distance on long putts, we’ve got a few handy golf putting tips and a quick drill you can practice to figure out what’s most comfortable for your specific game.

Golf putting tips for better distance control

Do I alter the rhythm of my stroke or vary the size of my putting swing? It’s one of the most important questions in putting. Of course, the answer is completely up to you, but if you’re struggling to figure out which works best for your game, we’re going to teach you some expert golf putting tips that we think will take the guesswork out of the decision process.

To help you get a bit more comfortable with distance control, PGA Professional Eric Hogge explains why he believes it’s better to maintain the rhythm of your putting swing regardless of the distance, and to just change the size of it. Eric discusses why he opts for this method, and then demonstrates a few golf putting tips that you can utilize to determine whether his technique suits your putting preferences.

Eric also shows you how to put these golf putting tips to the test by practicing basic putting tips and drills that require only three tees and a bag of balls. So go ahead, test these golf putting tips out for yourself. See whether you prefer to adjust the size or rhythm of your putting swing, and go with whatever works!