Details on USGA Rule 30-3

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Watch this video to get further details on USGA Rule 30-3: Best-Ball and Four-Ball Match Play. Our pro provides example scenarios out on the course.

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4 Responses to “Details on USGA Rule 30-3”
  1. Jim O'Neill

    In the case of playing a ball that is in your opponents line – what about spike marks.? Typically I can not fix spike marks so must they remain in this case also. This would be a consideration thing on the part of a player (hopefully) but he could just leave the green area after he holes out and not see it or know about it .

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Jim. Yes, you are correct. You are not allowed to fix spike marks that are in your line nor is your opponent allowed to fix spike marks he leaves that are in your line or could aid you with your putt. When you are done putting, spike marks may be fixed that are not in a competitor or partners line, or when all parties are done putting, you may fix spikes marks before leaving the green. So by rule, a player may play a ball that leaves spike marks in your line, but hopefully would not do so intentionally. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy your next round!

  2. Mike

    In example of 30-3c what is to prevent a partner who is going to be obviously out of a hole to go over and hit his partners ball thereby showing him the line of the putt.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Mike. Thanks for your question. By rule, there is no penalty for a partner playing your ball by mistake other than your partner being disqualified from the hole. If your partner putts your ball by mistake, you are allowed to replace the ball and make your putt. What you suggest below would certainly be a breach of etiquette but is technically not a breach of the rules. Hope this helps and good luck on the course!


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