Best Golf Exercises for Stability & Speed Control

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A well balanced lower body is an essential component of a good golf stroke. Maintain posture and keep your weight centered, and you set yourself up for a square shot. And especially important to a properly structured lower body are stable hips. We’ve found most amateur golfers try to do too much with their hips to generate power and strike cleanly through the ball, which can lead to poor weight distribution upon impact and a mistimed swing.

That’s why you should work hip stability and movement drills into your training regimen in order to improve your lower body coordination and emphasize the right muscles in your leg during your swing. In this lesson, we teach you the best golf exercises for increasing your level of hip stability and improving the rhythm of your swing to properly sync up your lower body and upper body and develop a more controlled and powerful golf stroke.

Best golf exercises for hip stability

For some reason many amateur golfers believe the key to adding more power to their swing is torquing their hips. Well we can go ahead and throw that notion out and tell you the key is actually making your hips more stable by de-emphasizing your knees and quads and putting the stress on your glutes. To help you figure out the proper way to increase your level of hip stability, we’ll demonstrate a handful of the best golf exercises for maximizing the hips in your golf swing.

You’ll discover how to use our best golf exercises to prevent swaying and losing balance and in turn shore up your posture. We’ll also show you some of the best golf exercises for correctly transferring weight between your legs during your stroke, which will improve your swing rhythm and speed movement. With the help of lateral bounding and a band, you can use the best golf exercises to swing faster while maintaining a smooth rhythm. Work these best golf exercises into your training sessions, and we guarantee you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way you use your hips to hit the golf ball!

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