Golf Course Management and the Mental Game

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Duration: 24:24

For most amateur golfers, shot selection is a matter of aiming at the pin and pulling out the club that gives them the most confidence. For low-handicap golfers and tour players, shot selection is a much more strategic and thought-intensive process. There’s a reason they say the game is 90 percent mental.

Golf course management is a vital component of the game that tends to go undervalued and overlooked. In order to lower your average and truly navigate the course with intention, you have to approach each and every shot with strategy. But what exactly do we mean by strategy? In this lesson we take a closer look at good golf course management, and learn from the pros what it takes to plan out your strategy for all of the shots you hit, from tee to pin.

The keys to successful golf course management

You don’t always have to hit driver. That’s right, despite what you may have been told, there’s no rule that says you must use the big stick off every single tee box. To demonstrate this fact, we’re going to walk you through a range of simple tips that show why it’s so important to assess each shot and to create a strategy based on what you see. Several of our PGA Professionals discuss their favorite keys to good golf course management, and give you expert advice on improving your mental game and making a plan for each shot.

You’ll discover easy ways to select your shot, beginning with Mike Malask’s tips for finding the ideal landing spot off the tee box. Find out why Mike recommends shooting for the biggest part of the fairway and the safest spot on the green, especially if there are trouble areas around both. Later, Brandel Chamblee, Charlie King and Dr. Gary Wiren take a deeper dive into golf course management and talk about the importance of visualization and opting for high percentage shots. And finally, Peter Krause and Kevin Weeks teach you how to navigate par 3s and approach shots by utilizing smart golf course management to avoid awkward distances and trouble spots.