Countering the Cyclops Syndrome

Duration: 0:54

The yips often happen because you’re losing track of the ball at the top of your swing with the eye that’s farthest from the ball. It’s pretty easy to understand why; the ball shifts from your focus as you turn away in the backswing, and requires adjustment on the down, which can be tricky. To counteract the “cyclops syndrome”, one of our PGA Professionals like to use a surprising but helpful technique. In this lesson, we teach you what TJ Tomasi recommends during his coaching programs!

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2 Responses to “Countering the Cyclops Syndrome”
    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Craig. Yes, you are correct. TJ misspoke…he says left eye while pointing to his right eye. Sorry for the confusion.
      He does then demonstrate and discuss covering/closing your left eye (correctly) as part of the “drill” to avoid the “Cyclops Syndrome”, so hopefully that helps to clarify.
      Thanks for the message and for viewing. Good luck on your next round or practice session.