Correcting a Slice with a Driver

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During those stretches of play where the golf ball seems physically averse to the fairway, most golfers develop counterproductive swing changes when correcting a slice with a driver because they’re focused on the wrong mechanics in their swing. More often than not, it’s focusing too much and overthinking each mistake that causes golfers to lose track of their best swing. Generally, golfers who experience an extended period of spraying tee shots can quickly refocus and get their groove back with basic rhythm exercises. Next time you’re in the middle of a round looking for the most effective way of correcting a slice with a driver, try pairing these relaxing drills with some steady breathing, and you’ll be more than ready to show that next fairway who’s in charge.

Correcting a slice with a driver begins with tempo

PGA Professional Tom Henderson has coached more than enough amateurs and pros alike to be considered an expert on correcting a slice with a driver. Tom believes that the most common cause of a consistent slice is rushing. That’s why he proposes stepping aside and going through rhythm exercises to find your most effective tempo. Prior to making all those minor changes to your swing to keep your ball from spraying, we recommend taking a nice deep breath and doing whatever else you need to relax; then get your rhythm back.

Tom offers a number of calming exercises that you can use for correcting a slice with a driver; by settling your nerves and giving your tee shot a more even swing, you give yourself a better chance at keeping your ball from slicing. If you’re still sending the ball left or right, you might actually have another component of your swing that needs fixing. For that, schedule a session with your local PGA Professional, who’ll be able to figure out what exactly you need to regain confidence with a driver in your hands.

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