Correct Golf Swing Path

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If you’re not swinging from inside out, chances are you’re not hitting the golf ball straight. More often than not, when amateur golfers take lessons with a PGA Professional and they mention they can’t stop slicing the ball, the pro will look at their swing and determine whether they have a golf swing path that travels from outside in or from inside out. All golfers’ swings fall in one of these two categories.

It doesn’t take much experience to know that slicing is not ideal for a successful, repeatable golf shot. The goal generally is to hit your ball on the most direct line to your target, utilizing the right golf swing path to maximize distance and limit the amount of sidespin you put on the ball. To help you discover your truest golf swing path, PGA Professionals Rodney Green and Jay Overton demonstrate the proper technique for the golf swing path that all players should adopt: the inside-out path.

Fixing Your Golf Swing Path

See if this sounds like you: iron shots are usually fairly straight with a little bit of a fade, but the driver cuts like nobody’s business. That’s a pretty standard tendency for amateur golfers, and the solution is breaking down your swing and rebuilding muscle memory to hone your golf swing path. If you experience a violent cut when you swing the driver, odds are you’re using an outside-in golf swing path, which you should fix as soon as you can.

To get rid of this bad habit, Rodney and Jay introduce a handful of drills you can work into your practice routine to slowly train your brain and your body to adopt an inside-out swing. You’ll discover how using dropping your front hip and leading with your back shoulder can affect your overall golf swing path and the success of each and every shot. Whether you’re using a short iron or the big stick, this technique applies to all golf strokes, so hit the range and repeat these drills, and you’ll start seeing improvements to your game over time.

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