Core Exercises for Golf: Medicine Ball Throws

Duration: 3:55

In this video David Donatucci demonstrates a dynamic action incorporating an overhead medicine ball throw to improve your strength. This core exercise will create a length and pitch of motion that will help you increase power and distance in your golf swing. Add this great core exercise to your golf workout.

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One Response to “Core Exercises for Golf: Medicine Ball Throws”
  1. Ramchandra

    Ross I want to THANK YOU for making golf fun again. Let me tell you when you 4 and 5 putt each green golf can get very drseesping. Ross your putting video fixed me in 3 views. I have taken the hands out of my stoke and am now using my left shoulder back and through. Yesterday I played and had 32 putts in my round and a lot of long lag easy tap in 2 putts. It felt great to putt well again after catching the extreme yips for a month. Thanks Ross!!