Club Head Speed and Distance Drills

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Distance–we just can’t get enough of it. It’s the one thing every golfer is after. When you can drive the ball farther and reach the green with ease, you can gain confidence on the course and drastically improve your score. Getting more distance in your golf swing isn’t nearly as difficult as you would think; all you have to do is gain club head speed, and distance improvements will come naturally.

How exactly do you achieve greater club head speed and distance? Most amateurs we watch during lessons and out on the course think that in order to get more distance, they have to swing harder. This, however, is a myth that has been disproved for centuries. Swinging harder and harder only adds more ferocity to your golf stroke and hurries your tempo, leading to poor mechanics and a bad all-around swing.

In this video, our PGA Professionals teach you simple, effective drills you can incorporate into your practice routine to add club head speed and distance to your swing. You’ll learn how to generate more lower body movement, improve shoulder rotation and gain greater extension with your arms to get the ball way out there.

Extend for Increased Club Head Speed and Distance

Similar to sports such as tennis or baseball, extension is essential for generating power. The faster you get your club moving and the farther the distance your club has to travel, the greater your club head speed and distance. To demonstrate this fact, PGA Professional Rodney Green teaches you why getting your hands out farther from your body more quickly in your backswing helps to build more energy in your stroke and increase your club head speed and distance.

Next, PGA Professional Jay Overton shows you a simple drill introduced to him by Gary Player that helps golfers to build up more energy in the lower body and in turn increase club head speed and distance. With a small step and your focus on follow-through form at the finish, you can better involve your lower body in the golf swing and put more heat on the ball.

Pair the above exercises with PGA Professional Kevin Weeks’ drill for squaring your shoulders to the ball and timing your rotation, and we guarantee you’ll enjoy increased club head speed and distance in your game right away.

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