The Clock Method: A PGA Pro’s Favorite Launch Angle Golf Drill

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We’ve often found that when both amateur and professional golfers miss their target to the left or right, it’s because their launch angle is wrong. All golf clubs have a designated degree of loft that, when utilized properly, does the work of trajectory for you. There’s no need to try to make a club do more than it’s intended to do. That’s where we see shots go errant, when they push the club face into the ball rather than letting the club guide itself back to square at impact. In this lesson, we teach you a quick launch angle golf drill you can add to your training regimen to shore up your swing technique and start nailing your target more consistently.

The Clock Face Launch Angle Golf Drill

PGA Professional Robert Smith likes to use one of his favorite launch angle golf drills to help players hone their ideal launch angle and develop consistent and solid impact. To begin the drill, Robert shows you how to imagine your swing on a clock face, with the initial address being 6 o’clock and the top of the backswing being 12 o’clock.

The goal is to work in one hour increments, progressing through time from 6 to 7 to 8 and so on, until you build your swing to midnight. With each new hour, you should ensure that your hands and club face are where they need to be in relation to launch angle. Golf is a matter of building from the ground up. Once you’ve perfected the technique and achieved the desired loft at an earlier hour, you can wind the clock a little more.

As you’ll learn, Robert believes this drill is the perfect measure of what works and doesn’t work in your swing. If a shot pushes or pulls to the left or right, your hands probably weren’t where they ought to be. Before you go to the next hour, you should correct that issue and perfect the technique. In addition to the basics of this drill, Robert demonstrates important golf swing tips that will help improve your mechanics. Take advantage of this and other of our expert golf practice drills, we guarantee you’ll notice the difference!