Choke Down on the Golf Club To Avoid Trees and Hit Your Target

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Duration: 3:06

You find yourself in the troublesome scenario where you need to hit underneath a tree line, but if you take your full swing you’ll overshoot your target and possibly find yourself in a hazard. What do you do? You could pitch a wedge into the fairway, resign yourself to a dropped stroke, and rue the missed opportunity to impress your playing partners with a heroic shot that only appears heroic, but in actuality isn’t all that difficult. In this lesson, we teach you how to choke down on the golf club and hit the recovery shot you really want to hit, beneath the trees and dead on your target.

Choke down on the golf club for optimal results

To help you hone in on your target from tree-bound trouble shots, Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you a quick trick for taking yardage off your swing while maintaining proper loft. He teaches you about his rule of 5, explaining what happens to the outcome of your stroke if you choke down on the golf club and then lower the apex of your swing by five inches. Test Gary’s method for yourself next time you’re at the range, and notice the difference between a full swing and one reduced by 15 inches. Utilize this and other short game tips for escaping tricky trouble spots, and you’ll start saving yourself some of those strokes you previously thought were lost causes!