Chipping Drills for Better Direction Control

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Duration: 4:30

There are two main components to controlling where your chip shots end up: distance and direction. When you’ve honed your technique and made sure your mechanics are such that you can consistently make solid contact and you know the flight path of your typical shot, you can start to work on your direction and distance control. In this lesson, we focus on the latter, giving you simple chipping drills you can practice becoming more precise with the direction your ball travels once you swing and follow through.

Improving direction control with quick chipping drills

To help you harness the direction of your chipping and pitching, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren has a wide variety of expert chipping tips and drills that can be utilized by professionals and amateurs alike. To complete one of his favorite and possibly most effective chipping and pitching exercises, Gary says all you need is an extra club laid horizontally at your feet. He demonstrates how easy it is to get a handle on the direction of your chipping by following the path of the club on the ground, paying close attention to where your club face is at the finish (hint: it should be square to your target).

Because the key to a straight chip is a straight backswing and follow-through, the club is the perfect guide. Gary shows you how to progress from practicing with the club to swinging for real and simply imagining the path of the club’s shaft. You can paint the imaginary line whatever color you’d like, as long as you follow it. Take advantage of Gary’s short game tips and chipping drills for better direction control, and we guarantee you’ll see more success around the greens. If you’ve got a good grasp on direction, then take a stab at distance!