Bunker Shot Tips to Easily Tackle Tough Situations

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For most amateur golfers, the sand trap is perhaps the most frightful place to be on the golf course. The thought of bunkers has been known to send shivers down the spine, especially those tricky lies that seem practically impossible. You know the ones: downhill, uphill, below the feet, buried — the kinds of shots that make you automatically add a stroke to the card.

But the fact is, with some simple bunker shot tips, a little bit of practice and the right mentality, you can easily get out of those tricky situations and set yourself up for a nice up-and-down. In this lesson, we teach you the expert bunker shot tips you need to confidently escape a variety of difficult sand lies and finish the hole in style.

Bunker shot tips to escape trouble spots

When it comes to navigating difficult lies in greenside and fairway bunkers, success is all about technique. From weight distribution to wrist action, if you can nail the form and put a solid swing on the ball, you’ll enjoy a good shot. That’s why we’re going to demonstrate the bunker shot tips necessary for proper setup and execution of a range of tricky sandtrap shots.

To help you find your way out of those difficult lies, PGA Professionals Brandel Chamblee, Joe Plecker Jr. and Matt Kluck show you the most important bunker shot tips for putting a clean stroke on the ball to set yourself up for a comfortable next shot. You’ll learn bunker shot tips for escaping buried and uphill and downhill lies, as well as short-sided shots and lies where the ball is below your feet.

We’ll teach you numerous bunker shot tips, including how to distribute your weight, where to place the ball in your stance, and what you need to do to execute a good stroke. Work these expert bunker shot tips into your practice routine, and we guarantee you’ll be able to get out of trouble without a bit of hesitation!

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