Tip for Better Bunker Shots: Draw a Line in the Sand

Duration: 2:38

Have you ever wondered why the pros tend to make bunker shots look so easy? Sand saves instill panic in most amateur golfers, but that’s because they don’t usually concentrate on the two most important aspects of bunker shot success. In this free video lesson PGA Professional Eric Hogge teaches you about those two components, and shows you how to hit bunker shots with ease by drawing a line in the sand and hitting it with precision.

Here are the two crucial parts of bunker shot technique that pros control so well: the low point of their arc and the amount of sand they take. Pros make most bunker shots look easy because they’ve perfected these components. To help you step up to your own sandy shots and nail them with confidence, Eric demonstrates a simple drill that requires only a line in the sand and a mental image of a dollar bill. Follow along with Eric’s technique, and work chipping tips and drills like this one into your training regimen. We guarantee they’ll make a big difference!

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