Best Putting Drills for Consistency: 3 Feet to Infinity

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When you’re on the green, as you get farther from the hole your chances of sinking the putt decrease exponentially. You’re not expected to make a 20-ft putt, neither are the pros. You just hope to get close enough to save your par and move on. But short putts, say within 6 feet, you should sink them. If you’re not consistently draining putts near the hole, you might want to hit the practice green to gain some confidence. And if you need a little help when you get there, PGA Professional Michael Peterson can guide you with one of the best putting drills for short putt consistency.

The best putting drills are often the simplest ones

Our favorite putting drills are easy to do, with no special tools or any need for a partner, and they work wonders for your confidence. In one of the best putting drills we’ve seen over the years, all that’s required are 3 golf balls and a handful of tees. We call this 3 feet to infinity. Michael shows you how it’s done by planting tees in a straight line away from the hole, at 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, and so on until you tire out.

Once you have your tees set up, all you have to do is start putting. At each stage, your job is to sink all 3 putts. If each one goes in, keep in mind what you did right and what you might be able to improve, and then move back to the next stage. If you miss any of your putts, figure out what went wrong, and start over, correcting the error. To help with this, Michael teaches you some expert short game tips that will ensure improved technique.

The beauty of this drill is that the only pressure is that which you put on yourself. It’s low stress, easy to do, and yet impossible to master. There’s always room for improvement, so you don’t have to beat yourself up when you miss. See if you can trump your record, and keep going until you can’t keep draining putts. Putting tips and drills like these are crucial for confidence with the short stick, and will lead to fewer dropped strokes and lower scores. We guarantee it!