Build Your Best Golf Swing with the 4-Finger Exercise

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Duration: 5:13

The best golf swing is the one that is relaxed, well-timed and mechanically sound. Oftentimes amateur golfers fight themselves by gripping too tightly and swinging too hard, when all the need to do is get back to basics and let the club do the work. In this lesson, PGA Professional Robert Smith teaches you how to rebuild your swing by practicing the 4-finger exercise, which can be done at the range or from the comfort of your living room.

How to Rediscover Your Best Golf Swing

To help you settle down and get your swing back on track, Robert explains what happens when you remove your bottom three fingers from the golf club. For this drill, you’ll only need to use your thumbs and index fingers. The club will feel heavy. Allow it to, let it drop back to the ground the way it wants to. You’re going for a light grip with low tension in the forearms. Remember, the best golf swing is not tense, it’s free-flowing and easy.

The next aspect of this drill you’ll want to focus on is the angle of your club as you approach the top of your stroke. The club shaft should swing at 90 degrees to your spine. If it’s too open or too closed, you’ll end up with wayward shots and frustrating days on the course. You should also be aware of your swing sequence at all times. Focus on it at first, until it becomes muscle memory: turn the trunk, drop the club, turn back through the finish, with your arms trailing slightly behind the trunk.

Once you’ve gone through the motions several times and feel confident that you’re well on your way to your best golf swing, go ahead and close your eyes, and see if you can achieve the same success. Golf swing practice drills such as the 4-finger exercise are so helpful for improving your mechanics, and we guarantee they’ll pay off in the long run!