Backswing Mechanics: Facing the Facts

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Duration: 5:21

Let’s face it: golf can be a tricky game to get used to. Most beginning golfers learn by swinging for the fences and figuring it out as they go. This can be a viable option, but we’re firm believers in establishing the basics first and then building to a full swing. The biggest issue we find beginners struggling with is what to do with their clubface during the backswing. Should it be square to the ball at all times? Should it face the ground? Does it matter?

Of course it does! In this lesson, PGA Professionals Joseph Hallett and Ali Jean Wells demonstrate a simple exercise that beginning golfers can practice to lay the groundwork for a solid swing. A good golf stroke starts with a proper backswing, and Joseph’s golf tips for beginners are essential for learning just that. He calls this exercise the Face the Facts drill, and he guarantees it will help any first-time golfer hit the ball straighter and with the full potential of the club’s loft. Take advantage of Joseph’s insight, and explore our other golf swing tips videos to maximize your potential!