Assessing Golf Club Fit

Duration: 2:04

The equipment you use dramatically impacts your golf swing. If you’re using a set of irons (or any club, for that matter) that isn’t properly fitted to your proportions and natural posture, you’re probably having to compensate and alter your best swing. You can determine whether you have the ideal golf club fit with a quick and simple exercise that requires only a marker, a ball and one of your irons.

In this lesson, PGA Professional Eric Hogge teaches you how to tell if your golf club fit is properly suited to your specific measurements by drawing a vertical line on a ball and assessing where that line ends up on your clubface. He talks about the importance of making the club adjust to you when learning how to hit irons, rather than you adjusting for the club. He also shows how the heel of your iron should rest for a correctly fitted club. And voila, in just a matter of minutes, you’ll know whether or not your golf equipment fits.

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6 Responses to “Assessing Golf Club Fit”
  1. william slyh
    william slyh

    i have had all my irons, 3 thru pw bent 4 degrees flatter than what you can buy off the shelf and i changed my game significantly…the set i bought were the right length and 2 degrees flatter than store bought and i had them bent an extra 2 degrees flatter.

    • Monty

      Most manufacturers now make adjustable fairway woods and Drivers. You will be kind of limited to what the club can be adjusted to. You can’t bend the hosel on those clubs. Tom Whishon is a club maker that has technology for adjustable fairway woods and Drivers. As far as I know he is the only maker of clubs that can be bent to your specs. He has a website or utube videos that are very informative. Monty

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Tim. I would suggest you reach out to a local PGA Professional and tell them you are looking to make sure you have properly fitting clubs. They can direct you to a local PGA Professional that is knowledgeable in club fitting if they personally are not.
      Having clubs that fit your size as well as your swing type can be extremely helpful. I hope that helps and hope you enjoy your next round or practice session.

  2. Steve

    How often should you get fitted for your swing? I believe my swing has changed of time due to weatching videos that hopefully have helped me fix some issues with my swing. I’m 6’6″ tall BTW and have been “fitted” once a few years ago.