The Ultimate Golf Instruction Collection – 10-DVD Set

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The Ultimate Golf Instruction Collection – 10 DVD Set

Over 10 hours of game-changing instruction from the PGA of America’s top teaching professionals! Addressing common faults, providing easy to follow fixes, giving insights to lower your scores…as well as invaluable tips and techniques on driving, short game, putting, trouble shots, fitness and so much more. You’ll have everything you need with this “Ultimate Collection”.

  • Faults and Fixes: Creative Cures for Golf’s Common Problems
  • Time to Break Through: How to Lower Your Score
  • On the Green: Putting Skills and Techniques
  • Advanced Short Game: Taking Your Game to the Next Level
  • In the Scoring Zone: Pitching and Chipping Essentials
  • Pushing the Envelope: Advanced Tips and Techniques
  • Trouble Shots: Effective Solutions for Difficult Situations
  • Big Hits: How to Maximize Your Long Irons and Fairway Woods
  • On the Range Fitness
  • Understanding the Rules in Game Situations: The Course