Ultimate Short Game 6-DVD Set

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6-DVD Set: The Ultimate Short Game

Playing better from inside 50 yards is key to taking your game to the next level. This set of 6 DVDs is sure to help! Learn from top PGA teaching professionals, with great coaching for all your short shots. From bunkers to chipping and, of course, on the greens. You’ll get a total of nearly 8 hours of game improvement tips with this collection.

Lowering Your Score: The Complete Short Game with BONUS Off the Tee – 149 minutes

Lowering Your Score: The Complete Short Game

In this video, you will learn techniques that will start taking strokes off your score immediately. Pitch with more precision, chip straighter than ever, putt with more confidence and get up and down out of the bunker more often.

Chapter Topics:

  • The Short Game Swing
  • Chipping: Curing Your Shanks and Chunks
  • Select the Right Club Around the Green
  • Greenside Execution: The 3-Club System
  • Analyzing Your Greenside Situation
  • Your Mental Game
  • Proper Bunker Techniques
  • Bunker Shots Made Easy
  • The Knockdown Shot
  • Technology Corner: Improving Your Short Game
  • Just Off the Green: Creative Alternatives
  • Up Against the Collar
  • Making Downhill Putts
  • Practice Range Putting Games
  • Bonus Footage: Off the Tee

    Discover secrets that will have you driving the ball farther, straighter and with more consistency. Learn professional tips for hitting more greens on par 3’s, proper course management, practicing more effectively, pre-game warm-ups and more.

    Chapter Topics:

  • Evaluate and Improve Your Drives
  • Set Up for Power
  • Maximum Distance Off the Tee
  • Secrets to Tee Box Accuracy
  • Target Strategies and Course Management
  • Par 3 Tactics
  • Ball Flight: Cures for Hooks and Slices
  • Technology: Club-head Face at Impact
  • No Ball Warm-Up
  • Great Practice Routines
  • In the Scoring Zone: Pitching and Chipping Essentials – 69 minutes

    One sure-fire way to improve your game is to improve your scoring zone. Learn proper set-up and swing essentials for pitching and chipping, develop distance and direction control and gain expert insight into shot and club selection. You will get coaching on two of the toughest shots in golf and discover drills that will have you practicing more effectively.

    Chapter Topics:

  • The Difference Between Pitching and Chipping
  • Set-Up and Swing Essentials
  • Solid Contact and Distance Control
  • Direction Control
  • Shot and Club Selection
  • Short Shot Pivot
  • The Pinch and Slide
  • Lob and Flop Shots
  • Distance Control on Chips
  • Rules
  • Practice Games
  • Advanced Putting: Mastering the Greens – 60 minutes

    With this video, you’ll get over an hour of quality coaching from Mike Davis and Chip Koehlke, two of The PGA of America’s leading coaching experts. Learn how to assess your set-up, visually line up your putts accurately and read even the most difficult greens. Discover the key elements of a great putting stroke, develop a successful putting routine, perfect your distance control and get insights into better understanding your putting equipment.

    Chapter Topics:

  • Proper Set-Up
  • How to Visually Line Up Your Putt
  • Understanding Equipment
  • Elements of a Great Putting Stroke
  • Distance Control
  • Reading Greens
  • Putting From Off the Green
  • Putting Under Pressure
  • Practice Games
  • Advanced Short Game: Taking Your Game to the Next Level – 60 minutes

    Learn advanced set-up and swing essentials, develop distance and direction control. PGA professionals will also provide coaching on shaping your wedge shots, mastering difficult lies around the green, and overcoming troublesome putting and bunker situations.

    Chapter Topics:

  • Getting Up & Down
  • Advanced Set-Up
  • Distance Control
  • Hitting Off Hard Pan
  • Shape Your Wedge
  • Advanced Putting
  • Sever Sidehill From Deep Rough
  • Spinning Bunker Shots
  • Practice Games
  • Sand Saves: Strategies and Strokes for Better Bunker Play – 66 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Bunker Play Basics
  • Identifying Sand Grain & Condition
  • Assessing Your Lie and Shot Selection
  • Succeed On Short-Sided Deep Bunkers
  • Uphill, Downhill, and Sidehill Lies
  • Buried Lie
  • Fairway Bunker Strategies
  • Waste Bunkers
  • Long Bunker Shots
  • Specialty Shots
  • Bunker Rules
  • Bounce vs. Loft
  • Practice Games
  • On the Green: Putting Skills and Techniques – 75 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Setup and Grip for Success
  • Proper Aim and Alignment
  • Reading Greens
  • Uphill, Downhill & Sidehill Putts
  • Roll Your Putts Like the Pros
  • Controlling the Yips
  • The Role of the Arms and Shoulders
  • Distance Control
  • Mental Side of Putting
  • Putting Length Drill
  • Visualizing Your Line
  • The Texas Wedge
  • Drills & Games