PGA Golf Coaching 6-DVD Set

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PGA Golf Coaching 6-DVD Set

The ultimate training package for the serious golfer.

Sometimes your golf game hits a wall . . . or sometimes it just needs some extra guidance and motivation. Whatever’s holding you back, leave it behind with the ultimate PGA Golf Coaching Video Series. Here you’ll find the best, most in-depth golf coaching series available, including:

  • • 6 DVDs with over 7 hours of tips and techniques
  • • The country’s top PGA coaches
  • • The latest techniques used by professional golfers

These official PGA, one-of-a-kind DVDs are filled with all the information you need to reach that next level and leave your current game in the dust!

Disc 1: Off the Tee: Maximum Distance and Accuracy

Learn to drive the ball farther, straighter and with more consistency than ever. 92 minutes

Disc 2: Advanced Short Game: Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Learn advanced set-up and swing essentials, develop distance and direction control, and gain insight into shot and club selection that will have you taking on the toughest short game challenges. 58 minutes

Disc 3: Faults and Fixes: Creative Cures for Golf’s Common Problems

Learn how to overcome difficult sand shots, inconsistent ball flight and poor putting accuracy. 64 minutes

Disc 4: In the Scoring Zone: Pitching and Chipping Essentials

Learn proper set-up and swing essentials for pitching and chipping, develop distance and direction control, and gain expert insight into shot and club selection. 69 minutes

Disc 5: On the Green: Putting Skills and Techniques

Learn the proper set-up and grip for successful putting and understand the key role your arms and shoulders play while you putt. Master distance control and roll your putts like never before! 74 minutes

Disc 6: Practice for Success: Productive Techniques for Perfecting Your Play

Learn the 6 “P’s” for success, how to chart your game and the best ways to stretch and get loose before your practice session. 63 minutes