Minute Miracles: Quick Tips DVD

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DVD: Minute Miracles: Quick Tips

54 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Half-Way Through Drill (Swing)
  • Up and Down Drill (Chipping)
  • 50 Yard Solution (Swing)
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot (Putting)
  • 50 Yard Bunker Shot (Bunker)
  • Solid Contact (Swing)
  • How to Turn 3 Strokes Into 2 (Seniors)
  • Good Golf as Easy as 1-2-3 (Swing)
  • Ball Toss Drill (Chipping)
  • Finding Your Swing Path (Swing)
  • Distance Control Out of the Bunker (Bunker)
  • Split Grip Drill (Swing)
  • Doubling Up for Success (Juniors)
  • Ball Out Front Drill (Swing)
  • Stabilizing Your Putting Stroke (Seniors)
  • Office Drill for Swing Plane (Swing)
  • Playing the Break (Putting)
  • Your Doorway to Improvement (Swing)
  • Adding Yards (Swing)
  • Hurried Warm-Up (Warm-Up)
  • Make Your Finish Count (Juniors)
  • Correct Putter Length (Equipment)
  • Understanding Hitting the Ball High (Swing)
  • Chipping Through the Gate (Chipping)
  • The Held Release Drill (Swing)
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