In the Scoring Zone: Pitching and Chipping Essentials DVD

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In the Scoring Zone: Pitching and Chipping Essentials

One sure-fire way to improve your game is to improve your play within the scoring zone – inside 100 yards.

Learn proper set-up and swing essentials for pitching and chipping, develop distance and direction control, and gain professional insight into shot and club selection. You’ll get coaching on two of the toughest shots in golf and discover drills that will have you practicing more effectively. 69 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • The Difference Between Pitching and Chipping
  • Set-Up and Swing Essentials
  • Solid Contact and Distance Control
  • Shot and Club Selection
  • Short Shot Pivot
  • The Pinch and Slide
  • Lob and Flop Shots
  • Distance Control on Chips
  • Rules
  • Practice Games
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