Great Golf Drills 2-DVD Set

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2-DVD Set: Great Golf Drills

Get timeless tips in these two stroke-saving DVDs. Covering both the full swing and your short game, you’ll learn from top PGA teaching professional as they demonstrate drills that you help you improve key aspects of your game. Over 90 minutes of expert coaching.

Great Golf Drills: The Short Game – 41 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • The Rope Drill
  • Dialing for Distance
  • The Tee is the Key
  • The Right Direction in Chipping
  • Splash Sand and You are Out
  • Blasting the Buried Ball
  • Principles for Putting
  • Around the Clock Drill
  • Putting Test
  • Short Putts
  • Great Golf Drills: The Swing – 55 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • The “No Slice” Baseball Swing
  • Getting it Right at the Top
  • Start at the Finish
  • The Moment of Truth…Impact
  • A Visual Swing Path
  • Lightness for Speed
  • Building Power
  • Grass Ahead for Solid Contact
  • Training with Mickey Wright
  • Staying Connected
  • Drawing a Line in the Sand
  • The Right Distance from Trouble
  • The Golf Swing… A Rotary Motion
  • Pre-Shot Shaping
  • Trajectory Control