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    Muscle memory is established through repetition. The only way to reach the point where your body knows better than your brain is to continuously practice the same proper technique until the movement is second nature. Therefore, if you’ve developed a golf backswing with improper mechanics, correction of those poor mechanics can only come through repeated

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    We see amateurs do it all the time, and even pros on occasion. A few yards off the green, an in-between shot that’s too long for a comfortable chip and not quite close enough to be putted. Most golfers opt for one or the other, resigning themselves to whatever mishit may come. Chip goes flying

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    Regardless of what you want to improve in your golf game, whether it’s added distance on tee shots or more accurate approach play, noticeable progress occurs only after you’ve cemented the fundamentals. Before you can hit straighter irons and crank your drives, you have to nail the golf swing basics and become more consistent. So

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