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  • PGA 013539f_AV635u_c 30 Second Swing

    Just like walking, swimming and other basic motor skills, to develop the proper golf swing, you have to start slow and work your way up to full golf swing speed. There are many benefits to starting with a slow swing, chief among them that a faster swing masks errors. The quicker the swing, the harder… Read more »

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  • PGA 013537f_AV633u_c Sand Shot Success

    If you’re like most amateur golfers, ending up in a greenside bunker is just about the worst case scenario. “I’ll never make par, now,” you think, and resign yourself to bogie or worse. That attitude stems from a lack of practice. With a few sessions of dedicated sand trap training, you’d realize bunkers aren’t nearly… Read more »

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  • PGA 013536f_AV632u_c Rules of Golf-Lateral Water Hazards

    If your golf ball ends up in a lateral water hazard, you typically have a few options available for your next shot. In order to minimize the number of strokes you take to recover from this mistake, you should understand which legal play makes the most sense for your situation. To help you navigate this… Read more »

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  • pga-013498f_av626u_c-impact-position-free

    No matter how unusual your mechanics, no matter what you do between the takeaway and the highest point of your swing, the only thing that dictates whether a golf ball flies toward its target is your golf impact position. If you can get your shoulders and clubface square to the ball and your hips slightly… Read more »

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  • pga-013497f_av625u_c-line-angle-instruction-free

    The equipment you use dramatically impacts your golf swing. If you’re using a set of irons (or any club, for that matter) that isn’t properly fitted to your proportions and natural posture, you’re probably having to compensate and alter your best swing. You can determine whether you have the ideal golf club fit with a… Read more »

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  • pga-011929f_av570u_c-rules-of-golf-properly-identifing-your-ball-in-a-bunker-or-water-hazzard-when-needed-free

    How do you avoid tacking on a one-stroke penalty? Easy, you follow the rules. Oftentimes it can be difficult to know what exactly the rules dictate in certain scenarios, so it’s important that you do your homework and understand the rules entirely. One of the most important facets of the game that you need to… Read more »

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