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  • PGA 013541f_AV637u_c Proper Set Up

    Regardless of what you want to improve in your golf game, whether it’s added distance on tee shots or more accurate approach play, noticeable progress occurs only after you’ve cemented the fundamentals. Before you can hit straighter irons and crank your drives, you have to nail the golf swing basics and become more consistent. So… Read more »

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  • pga-013498f_av626u_c-impact-position-free

    No matter how unusual your mechanics, no matter what you do between the takeaway and the highest point of your swing, the only thing that dictates whether a golf ball flies toward its target is your golf impact position. If you can get your shoulders and clubface square to the ball and your hips slightly… Read more »

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  • pga-013497f_av625u_c-line-angle-instruction-free

    The equipment you use dramatically impacts your golf swing. If you’re using a set of irons (or any club, for that matter) that isn’t properly fitted to your proportions and natural posture, you’re probably having to compensate and alter your best swing. You can determine whether you have the ideal golf club fit with a… Read more »

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