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  • Distance Problems

    In this video you will learn what everyone is looking for, how to improve your distance. PGA Professionals Rodney Green and Jay Overton demonstrate several drills to help you generate more club head speed. You will learn a drill named after Gary Player to help you get your lower body involved in the swing. Lastly, PGA Professional Kevin Weeks shows you a drill to improve your shoulder rotation. Each drill focues on how to hit the golf ball further regardless of club selection.

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  • How to Get More Distance with Driver

    It’s a simple fact: if you can put the ball in the fairway consistently, you give yourself a great chance at par or better. Conversely, miss the fairway on a regular basis and you give yourself a headache.

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  • Golf Swing Tips for Gaining Distance Off the Tee

    Ever watch the pros tee off and wonder how they generate so much distance without seeming to overswing? That’s because you don’t need a more aggressive swing to hit the ball farther off the tee, you just need proper angles. After all, generating optimal clubhead speed and launching the golf ball way out into the fairway takes moving your body in the right way at the right points in your golf swing. Today you’ll learn the keys to developing a powerful drive so you can get more distance off the tee and swing like a professional.

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  • 010736f_AV501u_c

    In this video, PGA Certified Professional Joseph Hallet shows you tips on how to control the trajectory of your ball flight with a drill called the Up and Down Ladder. This simple drill will make your practice fun and efficient as well cut some extra strokes off of your score. Going up and down the… Read more »

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  • 009636f_AV494u_c-640

    Watch this video for golf swing help on checking the club face so you are square at contact. We’ll provide a drill for practice and other tips and tricks.

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  • Curing the Shank

    We all get them, sooner or later. The shanks can be the golfer’s worst nightmare, seeing their tee shots and approaches flying off to the right again and again, losing ball after ball to the trees. Once the shanks set in, they can be hard to shake, especially when you try correcting the wrong aspects of your swing. Often, amateur golfers make changes to their grip, stance and swing that do not fix the problem, but rather reinforce bad habits. Luckily, learning how to stop shanking isn’t all that hard; you’ll need just a single tee.

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  • Putting Green Rules

    After just a few rounds with an experienced golfer, most new golfers figure out how to navigate the course with proper golf etiquette and not get in anyone’s way. However, there are a number of important rules that go unknown to a majority of amateur golfers, largely pertaining to things we can and can’t do… Read more »

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  • Putting Drills

    In this video you will discover several effective putting drills and games you can incorporate into your practice routine. PGA Professionals Mike Bender and Charlie King show you practice techniques to improve your putting. These games will improve your distance control, lag putting and help you achieve a consistent putter swing path. Put these drills to use during your next practice session and get more enjoyment and better results from it.

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  • Understanding the Putter, Stroke and Line

    Most golfers don’t put in the time and patience needed to develop a proper putting stroke that they can repeat over and over. Consequently, they tend to tack a number of unnecessary strokes onto their scorecard. Solid mechanics and a proper putting stroke can mean the difference between just a good round and the round… Read more »

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