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    In this video, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett shows you a game to help improve your golf score. Pick a target at about 50 yards out and score your game as follows. If you “miss the green”, it’s minus one point, if you’re “on the green” give yourself 2 points, and lastly if you leave yourself… Read more »

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  • 50 Yard Golf Shot

    In this video, Rafael Floriani and Joseph Hallett give you tips and techniques to hitting that challenging 50 yard golf shot. A wider stance and a slight swing adjustment are all you need to hit these shots on the money every time.

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    In this video, PGA Professional Mark Wilson discusses rule 14-1 in the rules of golf. This rule provides that the ball must be fairly struck at with the head of the club and must not be pushed or scrapped. Follow along as Mark demonstrates situations where the back head of your club may be used… Read more »

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    In this video PGA Professional Eric Hogge shows you how to adjust your swing if you are switching to a driver with a bigger head. First, you will have to tee your ball up higher than if you were using a club with 200cc’s. The newer 460cc drivers will require you to tee the ball… Read more »

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  • Distance Problems

    In this video you will learn what everyone is looking for, how to improve your distance. PGA Professionals Rodney Green and Jay Overton demonstrate several drills to help you generate more club head speed. You will learn a drill named after Gary Player to help you get your lower body involved in the swing. Lastly, PGA Professional Kevin Weeks shows you a drill to improve your shoulder rotation. Each drill focues on how to hit the golf ball further regardless of club selection.

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  • How to Get More Distance with Driver

    It’s a simple fact: if you can put the ball in the fairway consistently, you give yourself a great chance at par or better. Conversely, miss the fairway on a regular basis and you give yourself a headache.

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    In this video, Mike Davis with the PGA discusses many of the different elements that make up a great putting stroke. There are a lot of different ways and many tips on putting out there, but the one he teaches his students the most is a simple pendulum stroke. Follow along as he breaks this… Read more »

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  • Golf Putting Techniques to Help You Establish a Routine

    To be a consistently good putter, you should establish a routine to use every time without fail. In this video, Southwest Nevada Section Teacher of the Year Mike Davis provides some key golf putting techniques for a successful routine. Follow along demonstrates how to evaluate your putt by walking around in several different areas. Different… Read more »

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  • Putting Green Rules

    After just a few rounds with an experienced golfer, most new golfers figure out how to navigate the course with proper golf etiquette and not get in anyone’s way. However, there are a number of important rules that go unknown to a majority of amateur golfers, largely pertaining to things we can and can’t do… Read more »

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